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I'm a designer at NASA Ames Research Center working on software that supports the International Space Station and future human spaceflight missions [1] .

I used to work at Underwriters Laboratories [2] on safety certification software. Before that I was at Fino Consulting designing iPad apps that helped businesses save money on energy.

I grew up outside Chicago and studied sociology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where my focus was on accessibility, digital inequality, and the social impact of technology. I also led a program that tutored older adults in basic computer skills. At Carnegie Mellon University, I studied human-computer interaction and worked on a tablet app for the engineers at Eaton Corporation [3] .

Civic engagement is important to me. I contribute my design skills to Ragtag, an organization of technologists helping first-time candidates, and I regularly volunteer as a election officer in Santa Clara County.

I play percussion with the San Jose Metropolitan Band and the Nova Vista Symphony. I also enjoy hiking, photography, cars, watching great tv, trying new beers, and traveling the world.

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